Terms and conditions

Ambercars Car Hire Rates

Included in total price:

  • Taxes: VAT (21%).
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no excess. *
  • Additional drivers.
  • Baby/child seats and boosters.
  • 24h delivery service at the airport, Mahón and surrounding areas (check for availability in other areas)

* There are some exceptions that are excluded from the car rental price, please find them detailed below in the “insurance” section.

Groups and models

When you make your reservation, you can choose your rental car group/category, but never a specific model or petrol type. Ambercars is responsible for delivering you a car from the group you selected and, if this is not possible, you will be given a car from a higher category than the one selected.

Delivery and return of vehicle

The delivery and return of the vehicle shall be carried at the time and place that you have selected.

Delivery and return service at Airport.

Ambercars will wait for you in Arrivals at the airport. Don’t worry if your flight is delayed (but it is very important that you advise us if your flight has changed as soon as possible), we will still wait for you and be holding a folder with a clearly visible Ambercars logo on it. Then we’ll take you out to your car in the airport car park, sort out your rental contract in in a matter of minutes, and you’ll be on your way to your hotel or normal accommodation in Menorca. No hanging around, no bus to a depot!

For the return of your car we’ll show you an area to park within the airport car park, so that you can just leave it and make your way very easily to check-in and boarding.

Fuel Policy.

We’re very flexible with our fuel policy. Our standard policy is to prepay for half a tank of fuel that’s provided on delivery meaning there is no need to refill before dropping the car off. If you prefer a “full to full” fuel policy please let us know.


All Ambercars rental cars in Menorca include Fully Comprehensive Insurance, although the following exceptions and obligations apply, and the client must state that they have fully read and accepted subsequent liability for each one of these:

  • Upholstery (burn-marks and/or stains)
  • Traffic fines. Traffic or parking fines are not included in insurance, and must be the responsibility of the client renting the car.
  • No accident or problem arising from driving under the effects of alcohol or any type of drugs/narcotics.
  • The value of any type of object that is lost or misplaced in the hire car.

The client receives the vehicle in perfect working condition ie: all essential working parts, accessories and upholstery. There will be a road-safety emergency jacket and breakdown triangles in the car as well.

Obligations of client.

The client agrees to undertake the following:

  • Return the hire car at the previously agreed set location and time.
  • Not to carry more than the legal limit of passengers in the hire car; not to transport any objects prohibited by law in the car, or allow anyone who is not authorised to drive the car as indicated on the rental contract.
  • Use the car with all due diligence and caution, abstaining from reckless or off-road driving.
  • Settle with the company for any damage that does not comply with our Terms and Conditions as set out on our website. This includes any liability arising from damage that impedes the commercial use of the car as a result of non-compliance, and which by mutual agreement is set at 70% of the indicated daily rental rate for each day of the car’s inactivity.
  • In the event of an accident of breakdown, clients must advise the company immediately by calling the telephone number that they have been provided with.

It is strictly forbidden to:

  • Let any non-authorised person not featuring on the rental contract drive the car.
  • Transport people or merchandise when this implies specific sub-letting of the vehicle.
  • Transport people or merchandise without obtaining administrative authorisation in accordance with legislation. In the event of non-compliance, the client shall be responsible for any subsequent administrative fines.
  • Drive the car when physically unwell due to alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
  • Use the hire car to push or tow other vehicles.
  • Use the hire car to participate in any type of race, competition or challenge.
  • Take the hire car off the island of Menorca.
Credit/Debit card payments.

By signing the rental contract, the client hereby authorises Talleres Carreras S.A. to charge their credit/debit for any pending amounts once the rental contract has terminated, be it for payment of the rental, any damage to the car that is not covered by insurance as specified, or any other concept which is the client’s responsibility. The breakdown of these charges shall be sent to the client.

It is specifically agreed that clients assume all legal or court costs arising from non-compliance on their part in accordance with the rental contract.including lawyers’ and solicitors’ fees etc. even when their intervention may not be perceptive.

Method of payment.

You can either pay online when you make the reservation, or pay on arrival. We accept credit/debit cards in the driver’s name, or cash.


You can reserve your car in the following ways:

Terms and Conditions of Use.

By accessing the service “Ambercars.es” on the website belonging to Talleres Carreras S.A., the user accepts the following conditions and, in the event that they are not in agreement with these, we urge them not to use the service provided on this website.

  • The purpose of the website “Ambercars.es” belonging to Talleres Carreras S.A. is to offer you information and provide access to our car-rental services in good faith, enabling you to reserve cars and us to send you Talleres Carreras S.A. advertising content. This is a digital service aimed solely and exclusively at our retail clients (consumers and users).
  • All products and services that Talleres Carreras S.A. can provide to Users shall require their prior acceptance with regard to the General Terms and Conditions which can be found on-screen, and which are subject to specific conditions of the service requested.
  • Our car rental services are limited to the island of Menorca.
  • Talleres Carreras S.A. reserves the right to temporarily halt the service of “Ambercars.es” without the need for prior warning. Talleres Carreras S.A. can also restrict certain specific offers, including the number of days that these offers are available for, or the category or car model or the period or branch from where this is advertised. Any reservation implying fraudulent conditions or unfair competition for Talleres Carreras S.A. are strictly forbidden and may be cancelled by Talleres Carreras S.A.
  • All content contained within the website of Talleres Carreras S.A. shall be applicable to Spanish legislation, and therefore subject to jurisdiction in Courts of Law in Spain.