What’s The Weather Like in Menorca?

The Balearic Islands are a group of islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Over one million visitors to the islands each year, and this number continues to grow. One of the lesser-known yet beautiful islands is Menorca. Menorca is a small island with plenty to see and do, but other less populated Spanish destinations might suit your needs better if you’re looking for peace.

Though smaller than its other Balearic Island counterparts, it offers many things: an exciting culture, breathtaking views, and great food. Whether you’re contemplating a trip or have already booked your flight tickets, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about what weather to expect in Menorca during the 12 months of your stay. We hope you like our Ultimate Guide to the Weather in Menorca.

Menorca Weather in January

The first month of the year is typically the coldest time of the year. This is especially true in Menorca. The average minimum temperature during this month is 14°C. The most rain falls in winter, but some showers and thunderstorms can occur during this month. Even though January doesn’t offer much weather, it’s still an excellent time to visit Menorca.

If you’re looking for a winter escape, this is a great time because you’ll find beautiful sunny days and warmer nights. During the day, temperatures will range from 10-20 degrees Celsius with light winds, making it a great time to go out in the sun.

Weather in Menorca in February

In February, the weather is still cool, and the sun seems to grow in strength. This can sometimes increase the temperatures to an average of 15 degrees. However, it is still very damp, and the area experiences rain. The sun shines for around ten hours every day in February.

When planning to visit Menorca during this time, it is crucial to pack some waterproof clothing and warm clothes as the nights can get a bit chilly. You can visit the beaches with a bit of sunshine without having to bear too many crowds.

Weather in Menorca in March

According to the Menorca monthly weather calendar, the weather begins to get warmer in the third month. The temperatures rise to an average of 16 degrees, and the sea is still experiencing winter. The rain showers will change from time to time, but it is an excellent time to be in Menorca. Since the holiday season in Menorca will not have started, visitors get an excellent chance to explore the island’s sceneries, beaches, and nature.

Like February, visitors are required to pack some warm clothes as the nights can experience a drop in temperatures. Most people love to explore the island by road in March. You can book your car with the best car hire company in Menorca, AmberCars.

How warm is Menorca in April?

Menorca experiences more humidity in April. The weather in April is nicer and climbs to 20 degrees during the day. With the sun shining for at least thirteen hours every day. While there are still some rain showers, they are often overpowered by the sun.

If you are not a fan of the heat, it is not the most suitable time to visit Menorca. However, if you love a little bit of the sun and heat, you will have a beautiful time exploring the island. During this time, you will also experience more shops, hotels, and malls fully opening up for visitors in readiness for the holiday season in the coming months.

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Weather in Menorca in May

The weather in Menorca is simply the best. The temperatures are now 22 degrees, and the area experiences fewer rain showers. With the sun shining overhead, it is the best time to take a swim in the sea and participate in water sports and activities.

While it is still cold for some people, the weather is more tolerable than in the previous months. Weather in Menorca in early May brings around fourteen hours of sunshine every day, perfect for outdoor lovers and sun worshippers. Following the high amount of sunlight, UV levels, and heat, visitors should pack some sun cream for extra protection.

In addition, it is important to bring some jumpers and jackets as it gets chilly in the evening due to the windy nature of Menorca. The Menorca weather at the end of May gets even better for traveling, exploration, and sea activities.

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How hot is Menorca in June?

With fifteen hours of sunshine and a temperature of 26 degrees, the weather in June is perfect. The area experiences very low rainfall and good heat. For most people, the weather is manageable as it has light winds. Many visitors love to simply sit in the sun and swim in the pool or the sea.

Spending your June in Menorca will be the best if you are not too keen on the humidity levels. Unlike the other months, the temperatures at night can get up to 16 degrees, making it comfortable to sleep. Weather-wise, June is a perfect time to be in Menorca. With the weather improving, more tourists are streaming into the area. However, it is not overcrowded, and you can enjoy a great time at the beach.

Due to increased temperatures, there will be mosquitoes (mostly at the beach) during this time. As such, visitors should pack some mosquito repellent. Additionally, you might find a few flowers in June. This is because most of them begin blossoming in early May.

What’s the temperature like in Menorca in July?

July is the driest month in Menorca. With temperatures averaging 29 degrees and fourteen hours of sunshine, the weather in July is warm. The area experiences light winds and very warm nights. As such, it is crucial for visitors to book rooms with AC, as those without can be pretty uncomfortable to sleep in.

The weather is also perfect for water sports and snorkelling deep into the seas. You can also visit the beach for a walk or the sea breeze in the afternoon. Since the UV levels are pretty high, you should always carry sunscreen for additional protection, even when driving around.

Is Menorca too hot in August?

Yes, August is the hottest month in Menorca. With temperatures on an average of 30 degrees and thirteen hours of sunshine, you can expect the evenings to be warm. You do not need to carry your jacket or heavy clothes as the sun shines pretty hot, especially in the afternoons, and rain showers are scarce. The weather in August is hot and ideal for water sports. For most people, the temperatures registered hit an all-time high in August.

Is Menorca hot in September?

The weather in September is very warm during the day, and the nights are cooler. The temperatures begin to drop in August and average 26 degrees. While there is a higher chance of thunderstorms, the island experiences a perfect breeze as the temperature is cooler.

The temperature at night is quite comfortable for sleeping, and you get a good chance of snorkelling and diving in the seas in the evenings. With 12 hours of sunshine, September is mostly preferred by most visitors due to the friendly temperatures. The island may also experience rain showers during the day, but they quickly dry off due to the temperatures.

How hot is Menorca in October?

The weather in October continues to cool off. The sunshine lasts around eleven hours, and the temperatures average 23 degrees. Most people can now feel the Autumn coming through, especially in the evenings. Most visitors come to the island to get the last warm rays of the sun this month.

While the island experiences some beautiful and peaceful warm days, it is important to understand that it is getting ready for the low season, and the temperatures fluctuate. Following this, visitors might need to pack a few warm outfits. They also enjoy sampling the island’s cuisines from the many restaurants available.

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Menorca weather in November

Menorca begins getting wetter with around ten hours of sunshine. The temperatures average 18 degrees, and the wind slowly picks up some speed. With the evenings getting a little colder, visitors must pack a few warm outfits as the rains will resume with more zeal.

While there is quite a lot of rain, the sea is still not so badly off. It is ideal for cycling when the temperatures allow. During this time, most resorts and restaurants began hibernating, and others shut down till the Spring season.

Menorca weather in December

The average weather Menorca experiences during this time is around 15 degrees. It brings nine hours of some sun and a comfortable time to enjoy while on the Island. While Menorca starts drying up and getting ready for the winter, visitors must bring warm clothing.

According to the Menorca weather forecast, there is not so much to explore in December. However, you can still work around a few activities in the afternoons.


There you have it. That is the situation of the Menorca weather year-round. Understanding these temperatures lets you know when to book your next trip to Menorca and what to tag along with. This way, you are more prepared.